06 SoS: World Cup, Kawhi Leonard, Kellen Winslow

Souled Out Sports Podcast
Episode 06 World Cup, Kawhi Leonard, Kellen Winslow

Just because the United States Men’s National Team did not make the field of 32 for the World Cup doesn’t mean that Americans are not interested in watching the games. We talk about the exciting happening between Portugal and Spain in the opening Group stage games and our impressions of the favorite Germans. We also touch on how Kawhi Leonard’s announcement will effect the NBA draft and NBA free agency. Finally we talk about Kellen Winslow and his arrest. Is he a criminal or mentally ill?

Show Notes:
• World Cup Fever: Portugal vs Spain [00:10]
• Kawhi Leonard, Kellen Winslow [09:30]
• And much more…

Significant quotes:
“World Cup Fever” 00:15
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