09 SOS Podcast- NFL ATL Drama, Hoops Talk, And Wimbledon

In our latest Souled Out Sports Podcast, we discuss the NFL Drama in the A-T-L that seems to be constant! Shady McCoy is under some shady allegations with an ex-girlfriend.  Also, free agent NFL cornerback Adam Jones brawls with an Atlanta airport employee!!!!

Bridget and Ayron also give their takes free agency, or the lack thereof, and the NBA Summer League.  Is this year’s rookie crop actually better than 2017’s?  Bridget certainly seems to think so.  And, that it spells good fortune for the NBA.

Speaking of NBA, we dive deep into Aj’a Wilson’s comments about pay increase in the WNBA.  Is it REALLY just a matter of revenue? Or can there actually be more work put forth to improve the WNBA player’s pay?

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